South San Francisco Bay Shoreline Project
Participating Agencies: Valley Water, US Army Corps of Engineers (San Francisco District), California State Coastal Conservancy, US Fish & Wildlife Service
This is a web archive through mid-2019 for the South San Francisco Bay Shoreline Study and later Shoreline Project levee and wetlands restoration project now under construction along the San José shoreline, offering key maps, videos, and documents.

The Shoreline Study and Project

Shoreline areas along San Francisco Bay will risk damages from coastal flooding, with potential impacts to human health and safety, due to future sea level rise. The South San Francisco Bay Shoreline Study is a Congressionally authorized study by the US Army Corps of Engineers together with the Santa Clara Valley Water District and the State Coastal Conservancy to identify and recommend flood risk management projects for Federal funding. The Corps is looking at projects that will reduce flood risk, restore some of the region's lost wetlands, and provide related benefits such as recreation and public access. More...

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